STT High-Speed Turbo Door

The Quantum Leap

The EFA-STT® transparent laths provide a clear view to the other side for years. The door blade is held apart in the spiral. Given frictionless retraction, the high-speed door is extremely fast and the laths remain unscratched. Your premises become brighter, you save electricity and you have a clear view. Furthermore, the EFA-STT® ensures constantly gleaming appearances even under hard working conditions.

EFA-STT® at a glance

The door leaf consists at 70% of crystal clear acrylic glass
Opening up to 3.0 m/s
Closing up to 1.0 m/s
Highest wind load capacity
Top safety devices
Up to 150,000 loadings p.a.
Standard sizes of up to w=8,000mm x h=7,800mm


Advantages which are transparent to everyone

At all passageways in company which are passed through from two directions, the clear view through the door offers decisive advantages: Accidents are prevented and smooth transport operations are guaranteed.

The door leaf of the EFA-STT® is kept in a certain distance in the spiral. Thanks to contact-less winding-up, the transparent laths offer a good view through the door for many years - and with hardly any wear. Therefore, the whole door convinces with a perfect look, even under hard everyday working conditions.

Door leaf guidance in perfection

Copied a thousand times - but still unequalled. The door leaf is not wound-up on a shaft but kept space-saving in a certain distance in the patented EFAFLEX spiral. This functional principle guarantees you quite a number of unique advantages: only this unique design combines hightest opening speed, long service life and efficiency in such a perfect manner. Thanks to the spiral, the doors move quietly and wear-free - and look as good as new for many years.

A bright view in air locks

In air locks, as they are used e.g. in the automobile industry, the transparent laths of the EFA-STT® bring much light into your workshop. They do not only provide a clear view but also have a perfect look and create a free atmosphere with open visual axes between the individual rooms. This makes work much more comfortable.

For universal use

The EFA-STT® can be used universally. Due to its product characteristics such as the modern and transparent design, the high opening speed and its sizes of up to 8,000mm x 7,800mm, it can be used for many different applications.


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