Clean Room Door

EFA-STT-CR airtight high-speed turbo door

When speed is the first priority, you will find no better solution than the transparent clean room door EFA-STT®-CR. Thanks to the patented spiral, this high-speed door opens and closes reliably with up to 2.5 m/s. It is particularly suitable if the exchange of pressure and atmosphere are to be minimised, e.g. during the inertisation for try fire prevention. Compared with a normal EFA-STT®, its tightness in use for clean rooms is achieved by means of so-called labyrinth packings.

The fixed door leaf which is made of single-walled transparent laths is kept in a certain distance during winding up. Thus, the EFA-STT® of the CR series remains transparent for many years - also for door sizes of 4x5 metres!

EFA-STT-CR at a glance

The door leaf consists at 70% of crystal clear acrylic glass
Almost airtight
Also for material locks
Opening up to 2.5 m/s
Closing up to 0.75 m/s
Up to 200,000 loadings p.a.
Standard sizes up to w=4,000mm x h=5,000mm


EFA-SRT®-CR high-speed roll-up door

The clean room doors of the CR series by EFAFLEX are perfectly adjusted to the requirements in controlled production zones. They guarantee the tightness of all accesses. The powerful high-speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding edges. Therefore, they can be easily cleaned and depositing of particles is largely excluded. The GMP-compatible door types of the CR series are mainly made of V2A.

Like all high-speed doors by EFAFLEX, the EFAFLEX clean room doors are enormously heavy-duty and require low maintenance thanks to their excellent quality. The most important argument for EFAFLEX clean room doors is, however, their air tightness which considerably contributes to saving costs in clean rooms, as well as their modular structure in a clinical design.

EFA-SRT-CR at a glance

Almost airtight
Smooth surface structure
Also for air locks
Opening up to 1.0 m/s
Closing up to 0.5 m/s
Up to 150,000 loadings p.a.
Standard sizes up to w=2,500mm x h=3,000mm

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